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Build your Money Relationship and Change how money shows up in your life today


Tune into The Prosper + Profit Podcast today and begin building your money relationship.

Every week, there is an interview episode with an amazing woman who has changed and built her own money story. Everyone has their own story and just one piece of someone else's story can help you build your own money story and make it one that you are proud to carry with you every day.​

Money is something that we deal with every single day. But it's something we rarely talk about.

Because when money was first used, we only talked about it in terms of "how much?"

But times have changed. We still use money to pay for goods and services, just like when it was first used.

Today, women spend 85% of their family's money, whereas before, they spent next to nothing.

Today women handle most of the money, whether they are single or in a relationship, whereas before, men handled all of the money.

We need to talk about money. We need to build independence around money. And we need to let go of the shameful situations that we have put ourselves in.​

It's time to introduce The Prosper + Profit Podcast!

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