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Sticking to Your Holiday Spending Plan

[saf] Sticking to Your Holiday Spending Plan On Episode 25, we talked about creating a spending plan for the holidays. In this episode, we talk about how to stick to that plan.  November and December are the biggest spending months of the year. Many stores hold many specials and offer “sales” during this shopping season.  […]

Creating a Holiday Spending Plan

[saf] Creating a Holiday Spending Plan Spending money is a part of life. But when you have a plan for spending your money, it is much harder to overspend. The holiday season is a big time of the year when we overspend and really go overboard with buying gifts, because it’s the season of giving […]

Interview: Whitney Hansen, Helping Millennials Become Financially Independent

[saf] Whitney’s Bio Whitney Hansen is a personal finance coach and entrepreneur. She teaches overwhelmed millennials how to pay off debt and be financially independent. She gives them the tools to have more fun with money, while sprinkling in a little silliness. Some of her accomplishments are paying off $30,000 in 10 months, buying her […]

How Can You Run Out of Money?

[saf] Can you Really Run Out of Money? Yes, you can. But there are some reasons behind it.  3 Main Reasons Why You Run Out of Money You Spend more than you make. This is basically a spending addiction and you always spend more money than you make. Even if you are living paycheck to […]