Meditation: Letting go of Your Money Past

It’s time to let go of your Money Past

I personally love using meditations to dig into the past for lessons that I need to learn. For the month of September, I was guided to write a meditation on letting go of your money past.

This isn’t always an easy process. But it can be made easier by having conversations with your heart about your money past.

This guided meditation is meant to help you have a conversation with your heart center about lessons that you need to learn about money. Use this meditation as often as you would like to have these conversations. It is a short, quick and easy meditation.


The Prosper + Profit Podcast Letting Go of Your Money Past


Transcript of Episode 11 – Meditation: Letting Go of Your Money Past

This is episode 11 of the Prosper + Profit Podcast. This is the Prosper + Profit Podcast where women talk about money and transformations because being independent with money is sexy and profitable and money transformations are how you prosper with your money daily. Now for your host, Clarissa Wilson.


This is the meditation for September for the Prosper + Profit Podcast. Sometimes we really just need to know what’s going on deep down so that we can be able to let go of our money stuff. I know for me that really works for doing meditations and journaling. The more that you do some of these meditations, the more stuff that will come up. This is a meditation that you will probably want to do multiple times, so let’s just get started with the meditation. Make sure that you do this meditation where you can focus on doing just the meditation and not while you’re driving or operating machinery. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, and just relax. Several feet above your head is a beautiful, white star. There’s a white light that is coming from this star and it enters you through the top of your head.


Feel the energy of this light filling your head. It comes down over your eyes, your nose, and your cheeks, just feel it filling you with a gentle warmness of white light. Keep going, it goes down over your lips and your jar, it fills your neck and your throat. Now it’s filling your shoulders and your chest. Just feel this warm energy filling your heart center and completely relax your heart and your chest. The warm light continues going down and now it fills your belly and your pelvis. It keeps going down your thighs, your knees, your calves. Finally feel the warmth filling your feet all the way through your toes. Just feel this warmth throughout your entire body and notice how relaxed your body really is. Now bring your focus back to your heart. I want you to notice what color is the energy of your heart right now.


What is the feeling of the energy that is being put out by your heart right now? Just notice these. What’s the color, what’s the feeling? Now you’re going to have a short conversation with your heart about your money past. Just start with whatever comes to mind, whatever money memory pops up, I just want you to start with that. It can be a recent money memory, or it can be more distant. You only need one. Ask your heart a question about this memory, and then after you ask the question pause and listen for your heart to answer. I’ll give you a little bit of times and you can ask a couple of different questions. Now you just have one more question to ask your heart, what do I need to do to let go and move on from this point?


Listen intently for the answer. Now it’s time to send the warm light back to the star above your head and come back to the present time and open your eyes. This meditation can be done as many times as you want. It is meant to help you get some questions answered about why your money memories have happened and how you can let them go. I’d also love to know how this meditation has helped you by leaving a comment on the show notes page at It would mean a lot to me if you would subscribe to this podcast so that you never miss an episode and then leave a 5 star rating and review so that more people can continue to find this podcast. Thank you.


Clarissa Wilson

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Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a financial strategist and online educator who holds two master’s degrees in Forensic Accounting. Also creative and spiritual, she is an intuitive empath and introvert. Clarissa is the host of The Prosper + Profit Podcast, where money conversations occur on a daily basis -- as she believes that money shouldn’t be a taboo subject. After growing up on a dairy farm and learning to work hard for money, Clarissa awakened to a path that allowed wealth to flow easily to her. Clarissa currently lives in Pennsylvania with her two cats.

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