Interview: Melissa Opie, Build Your Life with the Life Architect


Melissa’s Bio

Melissa Opie is a certified health and life coach who guides female business owners to success in all areas of life. Preferring the term Life Architect, she helps her clients unearth clarity and self-confidence so that they can build the future each one of them desires. Melissa has learned, through a lifetime of dance, the importance of finding balance and working gracefully. And, by encouraging soulful introspection, her clients are able to tap into their intuition and discover their bliss.

Melissa’s Business

Melissa loves being able to help people build their lives and have more clarity and self-confidence in themselves.

What she’s working on right now

Melissa is working on building coaching apprenticeships, now that Snapschool has wrapped up.

Her first money memory

Melissa’s first money memory dates back to when she first asked her parents if she could take ballet classes. Her parents told her that it was really expensive and they couldn’t afford it, so at first she wasn’t able to take classes. But after more research, they found a place where it was much cheaper and Melissa started her journey as a dancer.

Her worst money memory

There was always an air of stress with her parents when she was growing up. Her parents were always so tense around money. She doesn’t remember a specific memory, just a lot of tenseness and anxiety around money. This is a big thing in a lot of our memories while we are growing up.

Her best money memory

Her best money memory is when she started her business and booked her first client. She was so excited to be able to receive money for her first client. Having your own business and providing an awesome service really does work.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

The one thing she does is awareness – she tries to feel as good as possible about everything going on in her life. She pays attention to the things going on in her life and what is the reaction in her body with each different thing that happening.

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Episode 19 - Interview: Melissa Opie, Your Life Architect
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