Creating a Holiday Spending Plan


Creating a Holiday Spending Plan

Spending money is a part of life. But when you have a plan for spending your money, it is much harder to overspend.

The holiday season is a big time of the year when we overspend and really go overboard with buying gifts, because it’s the season of giving (and buying) and we want to show how big our hearts really are.

But when you create a holiday spending plan and actually plan how much money you are going to spend ahead of time, it’s makes it much easier to not overspend and stick to your plan.

2 Ways to Create Your Plan

  1. Make a list of everyone you have to shop for, then allocate an amount of money to each person on your list based off of your total amount for spending.
  2. Plan the total amount of money you plan to spend this year, then allocate that total to the people you have to shop for.

When you have a plan, it’s easier to stick to it and not completely blow your spending out of the water.

Having a spending plan will also help you to not spend as much money on yourself, like most of us tend to do during the holiday sales. You see something that you really want and you just buy it because of the sale. Let others buy gifts for you and allow yourself to receive from others. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you actually need it.

But always make sure you remember, the holiday season is not about who can spend the most most money and give the biggest and best presents. The holiday season is about spending time with loved ones and being able to enjoy time together.

You cannot buy love. You cannot buy happiness. It’s the experiences you have as a family that help to build that love and happiness. Remember to spend quality time with your loved ones this holiday season and not try to outdo someone else just because you can.

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