Interview: Linda Ugelow, Get More Empowered and Confident on Camera


Linda’s Bio

Linda Ugelow is a Life and Business Coach, who loves helping entrepreneurs go from self-conscious to confident on camera so that they can utilize this technology and more, to grow their businesses and expand their reach. Her writing has been featured here on Positively Positive and was a presenter at the 2016 European Conference of Positive Psychology in Angers, France.

Linda’s Business

Linda is really involved in helping people, particularly women, get more involved in being on camera. Being on camera brings up a lot of stuff so that you can become more confident and empowered in your life.

What she’s working on right now

She is working on creating programs to help more people get more visible on camera today.

Her first money memory

She was given change from someone, when she heard the music of the ice cream truck, and had the ability to be able to choose what she wanted because she was given her own money.

Her worst money memory

Her worst money memory was when she was in her early 20s and she was able to enjoy a trip around the world. She went into a fabric store and just had them cut up pieces of fabric here and there. Then they gave her the bill at the end and she thought it should have been $300, but it actually came to $3000! That darn zero!! She had to call her dad and have him wire her the money so she could pay for the fabric.

Her best money memory

Her best money memory was when she was able to take ownership of the money that her father had saved for her. She had the ability to just take the ownership of this huge amount of money.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She loves to read books about money. And she also works with a coach to help change her money mindset.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast: Interview with Linda Ugelow, Get Empowered & Confident on Camera
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