Interview: Clarissa Wilson Transformed her Money Story

The very first interview of our podcast is how our host Clarissa Wilson transformed her money story over the years. All of our interviews are from amazing women who want to share the transformations that they have made over the years and what better way to start than with our host. 

Clarissa’s Bio

Clarissa is a money relationship coach who helps women build their relationship with their money so that they never have to rely on anyone else for money in their life. Money is a very powerful tool that we have available, but unfortunately most women give away their power with their money. Clarissa used to do this too. But not anymore and you can learn how to take back your power too, once and for all. Once you have your power and a money relationship, you are setting yourself up to take over the world financially!

When Clarissa isn’t talking about and counting money, she is either spending time in nature or with her two furbabies, who act more like toddlers than cats, but she wouldn’t trade them for the world. 

Her Business

You can find everything that Clarissa does as a money relationship coach right here at She loves being able to help women develop their relationship with their money, so they can finally have independence with their finances. It is so much easier to have this relationship and independence in place before life circumstances force you to put them in place. 

What she’s working on right now

The biggest thing Clarissa is working on right now is this podcast – The Prosper + Profit Podcast, but she also has her signature course – Make Money Love You in the works as well. 

Her first money memory

As a child, she would go grocery shopping with her siblings and her mom and while shopping her mom would always say things like “we can’t afford that” “not today” when her and her siblings would ask for specific things in the grocery store. Then at the end of the trip while paying for the groceries, her mom would say things “This is all the money we have for the rest of the month” and just be overwhelmed by the cost of everything. 

It was a very impactful memory that Clarissa carried with her into adulthood when she first started grocery shopping and ended up spending all of her money on groceries that she didn’t always need and would usually end up throwing away anyway because they had gone bad. 

Her worst money memory

Her money memory is being a stupid uneducated college student with money and credit cards, getting those credit cards and then promptly joining MLMs that promise you to make money basically overnight. She quit the MLMs and learned about her money story and how to not be so stupid with credit cards. 

Her best money memory

The best money memory was after she had started working on her money story and making big changes in her life, she finally landed her dream job of being a government auditor. This job was at double the salary of her previous job and is a job that she absolutely loves!

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

One thing Clarissa does daily to build her wealth consciousness is track her money coming and going out. She expresses gratitude for her money each time she writes this down for being there for her. 

Tune in to today’s episode and then leave a comment below with your biggest takeaway from today’s episode. 

Interview: Clarissa Wilson Transformed her Money Story

Transcript for Episode 3 – Interview: Clarissa Wilson Transformed her Money Story:

Introduction: This is episode three of the Prosper and Profit podcast. This is the Prosper and Profit podcast, where women talk about money and transformations. Because being independent with money is sexy and profitable. Money transformations are how you prosper with your money daily. Now for your host, Clarissa Wilson.


  Today we are interviewing Clarissa Wilson. Clarissa is a money relationship coach who helps women build the relationships with their money so that they never have to rely on anyone else for money again. Money is a very powerful tool that we have available to us but unfortunately most women give away this power. This is what Clarissa used to do. She doesn’t do this anymore. Now she teaches you how to hold this power within you so that you don’t have to give it up either. One you have your power and a money relationship, you’re setting yourself up to take over the world financially.


  When Clarissa isn’t talking about and counting money, she is either spending time in nature or with her two fur babies who act more like toddlers than cats, but she wouldn’t give them up for the world.


Clarissa: Hi Melissa. Thank you for joining me today to interview me to help me share more of my money story, how it began and what I’ve done to change it over the years. Through this podcast and everything else that I’ve learned. I greatly appreciate you being here today to help me. Now you can take over.


Melissa: Yay. Thank you so much for having me here. I’m going to go ahead and get started with the questions. Okay, the first question is what more can you tell us about you, your business and one big thing that you’re working on right now.


Clarissa: Okay, so more about me. I grew up on a dairy farm. I didn’t like it at the time but I do like it now. That caused a lot of money issues for me, which I worked on a lot on my own. That’s what has made me start my own business to be able to help other women learn to have independence with their money and not have to rely on anyone else for money again. The big thing that I’m working on right now is actually this podcast and really getting it out to reach more women and help them learn how to have independence with their money.


Melissa: Awesome. Okay, so now I want to dive into your money story. Can you tell us about your first money memory that you can remember?


Clarissa: Mm-hmm. The first money memory that I remember that comes to me every time this question comes is I was in the grocery store with my mom and I think I had my one brother and my sister with me. The other one wasn’t born yet. We were grocery shopping. We would go to the snack aisle. All three of us kids would ask for something. She would always say no, we don’t have money. Then we got to the checkout line and we’re paying. She would just balk at the cost of all of the groceries and she’d say stuff like this is all the money we have for the rest of the month and stuff like that. It really just made a huge impression on me so that when I actually moved out and started doing my own grocery shopping I would spend all the money that I had on my groceries just because that’s what I had learned.


Melissa: That’s a really impactful memory. I was just thinking back to what it would feel like for me if that happened to me in my past and I was like oh my goodness. Okay, so what else was the money situation like when you were growing up?


Clarissa: There was always talk about money doesn’t grow on trees. We don’t have money for that. We can’t afford this, we can’t afford that. It was just, the way that my mom always talked about money and my dad would just spend money whether it was there or not. My mom would have a fit about all of that because it was just, as a dairy farm you really don’t have a lot of money. It costs a lot to run the farm but it doesn’t make much money in return. There was always that complaint about not having money.


  If you take a step back and you look at it, we did have money. Because all of us kids always had clothes. We always had food on the table. The cupboards were never empty. The fridge was never empty. We always had a roof over our head. For the most part we always really got to do what we wanted to do. We played sports. My sister and I were both in dance. It was just hearing the way that they talked about money. I know from everything that I work with it’s not always the actions. It’s more the talk for how people are with money and what you hear as a child for how it really does affect you.


  Because how I mentioned with my first money memory and once I moved out, because it was already ingrained in me that we don’t have enough money for the rest of the money, then I would spend all my money on my groceries or other stuff that I really didn’t need. It wasn’t always groceries, it was other stuff too but whenever I went to the store I just had this knowing that I had to spend all of my money because that’s what I had heard when I was growing up. It was just an ongoing battle and it took me quite a while to figure this out and to really restate all of these memories in my own mind so that I didn’t spend all of my money. I didn’t have to buy all of this food that two weeks later I was throwing all of it away because it had gone bad.


  It was more so talk about not having money than it was about not having money.


Melissa: Yeah. Okay, what was the catalyst for making that huge change in your life and in your money story?


Clarissa: Well the big, big catalyst was September 21 of 2013. I woke up at 2:00 in the morning to a fire in the apartment next door. The big message that I got from this was I wasn’t listening to messages I was getting from the universe. I wasn’t taking the actions that I needed to do. I was just living my life by going day by day by day without really making any changes. I was working a job that I really didn’t like. I was stressed out all the time. I would go to work, I would come home and I would basically sleep the entire time that I was home because i was so stressed out. This fire, it forced me to make a change.


  I did not really lose anything in the fire, but it was in the apartment next door. To me it was a message that you need to wake up, you need to make this change. Basically that’s exactly what I did. I made the change. I really started really working on my money story, figuring out what I needed to do on a regular basis. I made a lot of changes. I also really stopped spending all of my money. I was able to start saving money at that point and I didn’t feel the need to have all kinds of extra stuff. It was that huge wake up call to just say you’re not listening to us, it’s time to start listening.


Melissa: Okay, so would that be also the same thing as your worst money memory or would that be something different?


Clarissa: No, because that was, my worst money memory would be something different because that wasn’t directly related to money because I didn’t really lose anything in the fire. The fire was just a huge wake up call to make a change in my life. I can’t stop living day to day. I can’t be stressed as much as I was. I needed to make a change.


  My worst money memory would probably be being a stupid college student and joining, I think I joined three MLMs all at one time because I was stupid and I was broke as a college student. You know how they make those ads that you can make money overnight basically. That’s what I thought. I actually never made that money because I like a direct connection with people. I don’t like to have to say oh you need this and you need this and you need this so that I can make money trying to sell this to you.


Melissa: How did that go? The whole three MLM thing? I’m curious about it.


Clarissa: I think I ended up quitting them and then because I personally don’t like MLMs, I don’t know if it’s because of that experience where I joined them. I was given credit cards because yeah, you’re a stupid college student, let’s give them lots of money. I had the credit cards. I joined the MLMs. I probably ended up quitting. I don’t think I really made any money from them. It just made me more frustrated. This was at a point where I didn’t know about having a money story. I didn’t know how all of the stuff from growing up really affected you.


Melissa: Yeah.


Clarissa: It was three or four years after that that I finally started realizing about your money story and how you can change all of it. Yeah, I probably ended up quitting them. Pretty sure I didn’t make any money. It was just basically a lesson to learn, which I probably learned several years later.


Melissa: Okay. What about your best money memory and why is it so memorable?


Clarissa: I would have to say that my best money memory would be landing my government auditor job. I landed this almost a year to the day after the fire. The reason it was so memorable is because I had started working on my money story. I had started really doing the work to really change it around. The salary of this job was double what my previous job was. I had always wanted to be a government auditor from the day I had chose accounting as my college major.


Melissa: That’s so cool.


Clarissa: Yeah. I love the job. I still work it now. I love working this job. I love what I do. That really helps to really like the job too.


Melissa: Wow. You’re so cool.


Clarissa: Thank you.


Melissa: Okay what is one thing you do on a regular basis to continue to build your wealth consciousness and create more wealth in your life?


Clarissa: One of the biggest things that I do is i track all of my money, whether it’s coming in or going out. I don’t sit and analyze it. I just write down what it is to acknowledge that this money’s coming in. Each time I write it down, I say thank you for being there for me. Because it’s just an expression of gratitude that really helps to let that money know that you appreciate it and you’re readying for more to come in.


Melissa: Awesome. Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that I should have?


Clarissa: I don’t think so. I think we’re pretty good. I’ve answered all of my questions or anything else about my money story. Even if I haven’t, I’ll just share it in future episodes.


Melissa: Cool, that was great. Thanks Clarissa.


Clarissa: Thank you.


Melissa: All right, so now let’s finish out our interview with a few fun questions. Who is one famous person dead or alive that you would love to sit down with for one hour and why?


Clarissa: I’m sure this is probably going to be a really popular answer for this question but I would like to sit down with Oprah because she has a very unique story. Not just the money story but everything about her is completely unique and it’s something that just sitting down with her for one hour to talk wouldn’t even be enough time. It would help me get to know her more and be able to learn more about her that probably isn’t even public knowledge.


Melissa: If you woke up tomorrow morning and everything you have right now, your belongings and money, it was all gone, what would you do?


Clarissa: Well I would probably just start over because even though I didn’t lose my belongings and money in the fire I didn’t have them for 48 hours. I kind of know what that’s like. You just need to start over because sometimes this is a message that you do need to start over because you’re not really living the life that you were meant to live. You’re not making the impact or impacting the right people. I would just really start over. I’d find a new place to live. I’d find a new computer or smartphone or something that I could work from and i would just start over doing everything that I already do because I know that my mission is to share and help more women become independent with their money.


Melissa: Awesome. If you were given $100,000,000 right now, what would you do with it?


Clarissa: well I would take probably $30 million and just invest it for the future for myself, for my kids even for my parents. Just invest it and whatever I can invest in so that it’ll continue to grow. Then I’d take the other $70 million and split it between paying off the debts of my entire family, buying my own house and building a new house for my parents. I’d also donate probably $10 to $20 million to feed hungry people here in America.


Melissa: Awesome. That’s so great. Thank you Clarissa.


Clarissa: Thank you Melissa for joining us. It’s so great to really help me be able to share my money story so I really appreciate you being here today. Thank you.


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Clarissa Wilson

About the Author

Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a financial strategist and online educator who holds two master’s degrees in Forensic Accounting. Also creative and spiritual, she is an intuitive empath and introvert. Clarissa is the host of The Prosper + Profit Podcast, where money conversations occur on a daily basis -- as she believes that money shouldn’t be a taboo subject. After growing up on a dairy farm and learning to work hard for money, Clarissa awakened to a path that allowed wealth to flow easily to her. Clarissa currently lives in Pennsylvania with her two cats.

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