Interview: Louise Campbell, Helping Graphic Designers Everyday


Louise’s Bio

Louise Campbell is a lead user experience designer for giant eCommerce companies and a career transition coach at – where she helps ambitious graphic designers get the jobs that clients want to give them. Easily.

Over the last seven years, she’s worked for,, The Body Shop, and Bloomberg to name a few.

She went from $15K in debt to earning $14K per month within 3 years of going back to work full time after being at a stay at home mum, and is on a mission to do the same for other graphic designers who may be struggling with the transition from print to digital.

Louise’s Business

She helps ambitious creators get what they want much more easily today. She used to struggle and no longer does now, so she teaches others how to not struggle.

What she’s working on right now

She is working on right now is helping graphic designers to get the money they really want to get. She is packaging what she knows into an online course and you can get on the waiting list at

Her first money memory

Her Scottish grandma had savings books that she would give her grandkids when they came to visit. But she would always say “Ye canny borrow from Peter to pay Paul.” When Louise got into debt from her business, this quote came back to her. And she vowed that she would not borrow another penny again and hasn’t done so since.

Her worst money memory

In her 20s, she was partying in a festival in Glastonbury. She was having a great time. But she got a phone call from a friend that there was a debt collector at her door to collect money for thousands of pounds in parking tickets. Her friend had no idea that she had money problems. She got the parking tickets because she was just careless.

Her best money memory

Her best memory was when she landed a $12,000 a month contract with an ecommerce company after being a stay at home for a while.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She has learned not to skip the basic steps of asking for money as a graphic designer and is packing up this process into her group course.

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Episode 33 - Interview: Louise Campbell, Helping Graphic Designers Everyday
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