Interview: Amy Mewborn, Helping Women with their Money


Amy’s Bio

Amy Mewborn is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, author, and operations expert.

A 20+ year business advisor in finance, marketing, and operations, Amy has worked with business owners of large organizations such as Ford, Vinturi, and Chuck E. Cheese, as well as burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Her focus is on improving and automating systems to:
increase revenue, decrease expenses build more profitable businesses, and gain more financial and lifestyle freedom.

Her best day is sitting on a beach in Cabo with her computer!
Amy is a Certified Financial Planner and holds a Series 7, Series 63, and Series 24 – national financial designations.

She is passionate about helping women achieve financial and lifestyle freedom!

Amy’s Business

Amy works to educate women on understanding their finances and better be able to control their finances. She teaches women how to build a business that is successful and profitable.

What she’s working on right now

She is working to educate women on managing their money in their businesses as entrepreneurs.

Her first money memory

Her parents were really young when she was born, so she really remembers her parents being very frugal and using coupons for everything. Her parents would give her and her siblings $200 for school clothes each year and if there was anything else they wanted or designer clothes, they had to supplement that money themselves.

Her worst money memory

Her and her husband bought a house in San Diego. The mortgage was almost $1 million. They hadn’t made the first mortgage payment yet. She was walking through the dollar store with her mom and her husband called her to say he was just laid off from his job.

Her best money memory

When she opened her first fitness studio, she was able to make $500,000 in one year of business because she has an abundance mindset.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

It is very important to be able to know what is coming in and going out. Sit down and know exactly where your money is and where its going. Have respect and a plan for your money.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast Interviews Amy Mewborn, Helping Women with their Money
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