Money Mindset Series with Camilla Luke, Confidence as a Mindset Analyst


Camilla’s Bio

Camilla Luke, helping women find the confidence they never knew they had, to go after the dreams they never thought they could achieve. I teach them how not only to think confidently, but I teach them how to dress confidently.

Camilla’s Business

Camilla is a mindset coach that is part mindset and part fashion. Every woman is unique and she wants to help women own and honor what their style and confidence on the inside and outside.

Her first money memory

She was about 16 and got her first job. One of her aunts that she regularly visits asked her to borrow money. This then created the belief that when she makes money that people are going to ask her for money when she makes more.

Her worst money memory

Her worst money memory is the same as her first money memory. It wasn’t until she began to build her own confidence that she began to build her money story.

Her best money memory

Her best money memory is when she had a job as a fashion stylist. She got to meet so many powerful stylists in this position and it was the most money she had made in a week. She didn’t believe the amount on the check when it came in the mail.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

The coach she is working with right now has helped her visualize what she wants to do with her life. And she has recently learned that money likes a home. So she has begun the process of writing down where she wants the money she earns to go each time she earns more.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast Interviews Camilla Luke the Confidence Mindset Analyst
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