Interview: Limor Markman, Becoming Financially Fabulous


Limor’s Bio

Limor Markman is a Real Estate Investor and Money Expert empowering women to live unapologetically Financially FabulousTM lives! 

Following a decade of marketing leadership in the Financial Services industry, Limor found herself asking if there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and working even more hours. With these thoughts in mind, she embarked on a journey to educate herself on real estate investing and has quickly become an accomplished real estate investor with properties across Canada.

Limor launched www.Limor.Money as well as the YouTube channel ‘Limor’ as a judgment and jargon free space for women to learn about and excel at managing their finances. She travels across Canada teaching women the basics of real estate investing. She is also a contributing author to the best selling book, “Who’s Going To Stop Us Now,” where she tells her personal finance journey.

Limor believes that all women should be financially independent regardless of their relationship status and has made it her mission to empower women to take steps to make this a reality.

Limor’s Business

Limor is a Canadian money coach that ended up in because after 10 years in the banking industry she took a course on real estate and passive income. She works to empower women to have a financially fabulous life.

What she’s working on right now

She is working on taking her videos that she has on Youtube and is creating a membership program to go more in depth in her videos so that you can learn more about the topics that she discusses in her videos.

Limor’s Special Giveaway

Text dreambig to 77982 and be entered to win a copy of Limor’s book, Who’s Going to Stop Us Now?

Her first money memory

At the age of 8, her parents started giving her and her sister an allowance of $5. And they were required to save half of the money each week. And every few weeks her parents would take her and her sister to the bank to deposit their money. And Limor got to lean over the counter and talk to the bank teller herself instead of her parents doing all of the talking.

Her worst money memory

She was given advice about the stock market and blindly trusted the advice she was given. She invested in the stock market and her investment tanked and she lost a lot of money and learned the lesson to do her own research.

Her best money memory

Her best money memory is when she completed her first real estate investment and be able to generate passive income.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She tries to read and learn a lot of information and continue to learn more about money on a daily basis. She considers books to be a part of her family.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast interview Limor Markman, Becoming Financially Fabulous
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