Meditation: Finding Your Money Story

Today is a special guided meditation. These guided meditations will now appear on the first Monday of every month.

Your money story is how you act, handle, use, spend and make money.

It is the stories we tell ourselves about money because of what we learned throughout our childhood.

You have the ability to change your story, but in order to change it, you have to first know what your story is.

By using this meditation, you will be able to find your money story much easier.

Happy listening!

The Prosper + Profit Podcast Meditation: Finding Your Money Story

Transcript for this Episode:

 This is Episode 4 of the Prosper and Profit Podcast. This is the Prosper and Profit Podcast where women talk about money and transformations, because being independent with money is sexy and profitable, and money transformations are how you prosper with your money daily. Now, for your host, Clarissa Wilson.

Episode 4 of the Prosper and Profit Podcast is a special episode because, as you already know, the entire purpose behind this podcast, the idea for this podcast, and a lot of the other stuff that has gone into this podcast was given to me through a meditation. Right after launching this podcast last week, I actually got a message to record a meditation once a month for this podcast. With today being an exception, the meditation will appear on the first Monday of every month. Today is not the first Monday of the month, so that’s why it’s an exception, but it is the first Monday after I launch this podcast. That’s why I’m doing it today.

Today, our meditation is about finding your current money story. Every single one of us has a money story, and this defines how you act, think about, use, spend, make and handle your money. In order to make any changes to your money story, you need to know what your current money story is. You can make changes without actually knowing what your money story is, but those changes don’t normally stick the way that you want them to because you don’t know exactly what you’re changing. Your money story is your beliefs around money, the stories that you tell yourself around money, and what your current money relationship is. The whole reason behind this podcast is to help women build their relationship with their money and build an independence with their money so that they don’t have to worry about money or rely on anyone else again.

For today’s meditation, you’re going to need to have a notebook and a pen nearby for when we finish the meditation and even a couple times during the meditation. You’re welcome to do this meditation over and over again. Each time you do it, you will most likely find something new in your money story because your money story is like an onion and there is always another layer to find. Do not do this meditation while you are driving or walking around or anything but really sitting. It’s meant to be done while you’re sitting and not focusing on anything else.

If you are ready, let’s begin.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Take a deep breath in and allow your shoulders to come up to your ears. As you release the breath, roll your shoulders back and down. Do this one more time. Take a deep breath in and allow your shoulders to come up to your ears. As you release the breath, roll your shoulders through the back and down. Now, close your eyes and continue to breathe deeply. I want you to imagine that you’re sitting in a recliner in this old house. You know it’s an old house because there is a thin layer of dust on all the shelves around you so no one has been here for a while.
Take a look around and notice what is in the room. What pictures are on the wall? Or are there no pictures? What does the furniture look like? What color is the furniture? What color are the walls? What color are the curtains? How many windows are there? How many doorways are there?

Now, let’s take a little walk. Get up from your sit in the recliner and go out into the hallway on your right. You are now standing at the base of a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs, you can see a room with the door that is closed. The door knob is gleaming back at you like it has recently been cleaned unlike anything else in this house. Now, going one step at a time, slowly ascend the stairs until you’re standing right outside the room.

Put your hand on the doorknob, turn and push, and enter the room. You are now inside the room. Take in all of the surroundings. What color are the walls? Are there any windows? If there are windows, what color are the curtains? Is there any furniture in this room? What is it? Keep looking around the room and taking in your surroundings.

Now, come back to where you are standing and I want you to turn to the right and go to the corner of that room. In the corner, you will see a box. Notice how big the box is. Open the box and see what’s inside. You will also find a book inside. The cover of the book is black and all of the pages inside are white and blank. Flip through the pages and make sure they’re blank. Are you sure that they’re blank? Flip through them again. Flip through them one more time. This time you will find a page that has some writing on it. The writing is about you and your money. Stop at this page and read what it says. Reflect on what it says. If you need to, open your eyes and write down in your notebook what it says.

With your eyes closed once again, let’s go back to the book. Close the book. Now open it and flip through it one more time. All the pages are blank again. Now, with the book closed in your hands, I want you to think of a time in your childhood that you learned something about money. This can be a good lesson or a bad lesson. Just think of a time in your childhood that has to do with money. Now, open the book to a page. On this page is written how this lesson from your childhood affects your money story today. Take a moment and reflect on this lesson. If you need to, write it down.

Now close your eyes and close the book again. This time, think of a memory from your teenage years about money. What was one lesson that you learned about money from your teenage years that really stands out? Open the book to any page and read how this lesson affects your money story today. Then take a moment and reflect on this lesson and write it down if you need to.

Then one more time, close the book, close your eyes, and think of a money memory from your 20’s. What’s one lesson from your 20’s that really stands out about your money? Open the book to any page and see how this lesson affects your money story today. Take a moment and reflect on this lesson and write it down if you need to.

You’ve gotten 3 lessons for today. That is all you really need. It’s time to put the book back in the box and close the box. Then head over to the door and exit the room. Close the door behind you and head down the stairs. Once you are back in the first room that you were in, go back to your original seat. With your feet flat on the floor, take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. Now, open your eyes and write down anything that you need to in your notebook that you really want to remember from this meditation today.

Remember, you can do this meditation as often as you want to find more pieces to your money story. Just make sure that you are not driving or moving around doing this meditation as it affects your safety. Sometimes you will find that you see the same lesson over and over again when you do this meditation. That usually means that you need to make a change. We hear the same thing over and over again because we’re not listening, we’re not making the change that we need to make, so that’s why you’re seeing it over and over again.

Other times, you’re going to find many different pieces of your money story that are going to piece together like a puzzle. It’s going to take these money pieces for you to find the actual lesson that’s there. This is all a part of finding your money story. In future episodes, we will go into more ways to find your money story and figure it out and be able to write it down for you. While you’re waiting for future episodes, just do this meditation.

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