Money Mindset Series: Sarah Shapiro, Psychotherapist, Intuitive Wealth Builder


Sarah’s Bio

Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro, LCSW, is an avid Stock and Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Spiritual Psychotherapist and an Author. Sarah is a gifted Intuitive and she is a Master Teacher of the ancient Chakra System. She teaches the Metaphysical principles of Money and Wealth Building.

Over her 25 + year career she has coached hundreds of clients. Sarah has catapulted herself from “0 Net Worth to Over 1.7 Million” by utilizing a combination of metaphysical wisdom, psychological truth, down to earth Wealth Building skills and a bit of Moxie! She teaches her Spiritual Secrets in her powerful Millionaire Alchemy Programs TM to help you to break through your 6 figure “glass ceiling” and to create True Wealth.

Sarah’s Business

Sarah is a licensed psychotherapist, but she has been working with professionals in New York City to work on their money story. When she was 35, she began to really learn about and invest in the stock market.

Her first money memory

When she was about 6, her parents would give her 50 cents to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck. But each ice cream only cost 25 cents. So she would buy one ice cream and save up the other half, so at the end of the month she would buy penny candy.

3 Biggest Blocks Around Money

  1. Guilt of having money
  2. Resentment and anger towards those that have money
  3. Low self-worth – not feeling deserving of having money

4 Tips to Build Financial Well-Being Today

  1. No matter how much you are earning, start investing immediately into something that is going to grow
  2. Live below your means
  3. Keep debt at a minimum
  4. Develop a daily spiritual practice

Her worst money memory

She invested in the Tech Bubble in the 1980s and lost about $80,000 when the bubble burst.

Her best money memory

In 2003, she was bored staying at home with her newborn. She was looking at an Apple computer can called her broker to buy 1,000 shares of Apple stock. And she has since developed a huge portfolio of Apple stock from following her intuition.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She does a daily prayer, affirmation and gratitude and tracks her spending.

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The Prosper +Profit Podcast Interviews Sarah Shapiro for the money mindset series, Psychotherapist, Intuitive Wealth Builder
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