Money Mindset Series with Rachel Andujar, Being Confident in Your Career


Rachel’s Bio

Rachel Andujar, founder of Rethink Nine to Five, helps professionals create a career with confidence, authenticity, and balance. Through coaching, her clients are able to get confident and speak up for the career that they want and make it a reality.

Rachel’s Business

Rachel is a career strategist to help her clients find careers they love and feel confident about those careers. As a public accountant, she saw a lot of people that didn’t love what they were doing and wanted to be a catalyst for change.

What she’s working on right now

She is launching a 3 month program to help people find their career love.

Her first money memory

In college, she was able to get a loan and buy her own first car. Her parents weren’t helping her to buy the new car.

Her worst money memory

She paid for a trip in high school to go to Brazil. Then she got a boyfriend and decided not to go on the trip. She couldn’t get a refund on the trip either.

Her best money memory

She was able to negotiate a substantial raise and be able to save enough money so that she could quit her accountant job and live and raise her family on just her husband’s income.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness


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The Prosper + Profit Podcast presents the Money Mindset Series with Rachel Andujar on Career Confidence
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