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Michelle’s Bio

Michelle Lowbridge, The Energy Editor, is one of the most sought-after teacher and healers in Europe. She quickly identifies the money blocks that are stopping an entrepreneur from unleashing their superpower, then smashes them, using her powerful Wealthology® system. Her clients release lifelong patterns, and multiply their income as a result.

She is dedicated to honest conversations about money, creating freedom for herself and her family, and encouraging entrepreneurs to do business in their own way. A journalism graduate from the University of Westminster, she lives in English countryside, and is a huge fan of Sherlock, the occasional cheeky cocktail, and laughing until she snorts.

Michelle’s Business

Michelle started training as a kinesiologist over 6 years ago and it has evolved over the years to where she is now to help with money blocks and become the Energy Editor.

What she’s working on right now

At the time of the recording of this episode, the big thing Michelle and her team were working on was top secret.

Her first money memory

She was in the supermarket with her mum and her mom may have said she couldn’t afford something. So Michelle just told her mum, “Write a check.”

What is a money block? 

It is just a part of the story of your energetic system. Anything that holds you back is a money block.

How does Energy Editing help with money blocks? 

Michelle uses her energy editing to find what is blocking you, then just dives in and removes this block.

How does Energy Editing save time? 

With Energy Editing, the process only takes about 4 minutes, whereas when you work on it without energy editing, it takes much longer than 4 minutes.

Michelle’s Wealthology Book

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Email and mention this podcast episode and they will send you a PDF copy of the book.

Michelle’s Limiting Belief Technique

Watch the video here – I absolutely LOVE using this technique. It has changed quite a bit for me over just the past few weeks.

Her best money memory

The summer we talked about earlier. She had her girls sitting beside her. She was sending out an email to allow people to work with her. The PayPal pings just started coming through one after the other.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

Michelle is regularly doing energy work on herself and this helps her continue to expand.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast presents Michelle Lowbridge, The Energy Editor, for the Money Mindset Series
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