Interview with Madison Black: Creating the Slow Health Movement


Madison’s Bio

Madison Black is a recently established digital nomad living out her business dreams in sunny Mexico. After succumbing to $25000 worth of debt and a government debt agreement she turned her life around. Over nine long months Maddi paid down her debt, purchased $5000 in business equipment and did some serious saving in preparation for her international move. Now, Maddi as one half of The Slow Health Movement is helping others live slower, healthier, more intentional lives and putting a challenge to the health and fitness industries.

Madison’s Business

Her business is about 1 year old, but she has been an entrepreneur for the past 12 years. Her business is the Slow Health Movement, the cookie cutter culture of lose weight yesterday isn’t all that great.

What she’s working on right now

She is working on a challenge to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Her first money memory

Her parents had a chore chart that they put on the wall and you had to get a full row of stars for the week to get your $1 for that week.

She was able to save up enough money to buy her own first color TV. She had the exact amount of money for the cost of the TV in her account.

Her worst money memory

Her worst money memory is when she had no money and no job and the creditors were calling and telling her she had to make payments, plus she was also spending money on takeaway that she didn’t need to buy.

Her best money memory

This is when she purchased the plane tickets to move to Mexico where she currently lives.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She has a communication with her partner about the cash flow of their money on a regular basis.

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