Interview with Erica Blair: Become a Digital Nomad with your Personal Story


Erica’s Bio

Erica Blair is personal branding coach & marketing strategist. She helps service-based small business owners become location-independent entrepreneurs through the power of social media and digital storytelling. Erica works directly with clients to increase their influence and income through embracing their own personal narrative and broadening their online visibility.

Erica is also the author of the upcoming book Digital Nomad Mindset, based on interviews with 25 digital nomads arounds the world. The book explores how a diverse cross section of digital nomads have made the leap into the location-independent lifestyle, working remotely and running online businesses while traveling the world.

Erica’s Business

Erica is a personal branding strategist. She helps entrepreneurs pick parts of their story to highlight and showcase to their clients and show themselves to the world.

What she’s working on right now

She is a digital nomad and travels the world while growing her business. She has recently started a mastermind to help other entrepreneurs become digital nomads as well. Learn more about her mastermind at

Her first money memory

She grew up living close to Stanford University. Her parents told her when she was growing up, that if she can get into Stanford, they would find a way to pay for it. This cemented the idea in Erica’s mind that adults would find a way to pay for what she needed and money wasn’t something she had to focus on. It wasn’t until she became an entrepreneur that she realized that she had to deal with her money.

Her worst money memory

Erica had hit financial rock bottom when she moved to Australia. She was walking through the grocery store and knew she couldn’t buy anything.

Her best money memory

She pitched her services to someone at 3 times the rate that she had ever charged to anyone before. The person accepted the rate and Erica knew she was finally on to something.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She takes time away and gets really clear on herself and the moment. This has helped things to flow and turn her ideas into success. By unplugging and being away from the computer, she has allowed herself to receive so much more in her business.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast Interviews Erica Blair, a personal branding strategist to share your story
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