Interview with Nathalie Doremieux: Living a Life of Freedom, No Matter Where You Live

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Nathalie’s Bio

Nathalie Doremieux is the co-founder of New Software Marketing, with her husband and business partner they help entrepreneurs bring their digi vision to reality by building profitable and beautiful websites, online courses and memberships.

Nathalie’s Business

Nathalie started as an entrepreneur in 2005. She had been working in the corporate world in California, but her and her husband decided to quit their jobs and move back to France. She began her business doing what she loved and knew building websites. Today she helps other entrepreneurs build courses and memberships in their businesses.

Her first money memory

She was about 16 and living with her mom. She began teaching the piano and make money doing something she was good at.

Her worst money memory

Her son was about 8 months old and they took him to France. As they were getting off the plane, Nathalie forgot her purse, which had everything – the money for her son and visa paperwork for her husband. The next day, they found her purse, but the money was gone. Everything else was still there. Then she spent the next several years worrying about whether or not she had her purse.

Her best money memory

Nathalie and her husband learned they could buy houses and then flip them to make a profit. They bought one house and the buyers fell in love with the house and offered even more money than they were expecting to make from the sale.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

Nathalie doesn’t focus on her money so much, as the freedom that money can give her and her children in their lives today.

Get in Touch with Nathalie

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The Propser + Profit Podcast interviews Nathalie Doremieux who lives a life of freedom no matter where she lives
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