Interview with Tash Corbin: Aligning with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs


Tash’s Bio

Tash Corbin is a business mentor for heart-centered women. She is the creator of the 17,000-strong Facebook community, called Heart-Centred Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs. She’s also the voice behind the very popular podcast, #ladyposse, in which she teaches business strategy and mindset.

Tash’s Business

Tash has always been fascinated by business, specifically service business where you use your brain to provide others the ability to uplevel. She spent some time in corporate because of her experience with her father being an entrepreneur, but then in 2013 she decided to try running her own business. And now she is a business coach to help other heart centered entrepreneurs in their business.

What she’s working on right now

Tash is working on her first LIVE event that is being hosted in September 2017 in Australia. You can learn more about the event right here. This event is bringing up all of her money stuff, but it’s something that Tash is loving doing.

Her first money memory

She was at her nan and pop’s house. There was a lottery number picker and she loved being able to spin the basket and a ball would come out. Her nan tried to explain to her how it works but at the age of 6, she constantly told her nan that’s not how money works because she already knew she had to work hard to make money. Money doesn’t come as easily to you just by winning the lottery.

Her worst money memory

She was about 14 or 15 and it was her little brother’s birthday. They didn’t have any money to have a party. Her mom gave her a $50 note to buy a cake for his birthday. So Tash gave her brother the note so he could hold it since it was his birthday when they went to buy the cake. Somewhere during the process of buying the cake, her brother lost the note.

Her best money memory

When Tash was in University, she made the decision to move back in with her mum because she was ill. She moved back with the intention to help support her mum. She got a job at a real estate company and immediately upon receiving her first paycheck, she gave it right to her mum.

Her other best money memory was when she bought her first sports car with cash. The salesman took a real bargain since she was paying cash. He took just $9,000 since that was the cash she had and the ticket price was $13,000.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She has a list of daily money things. Every morning, she will write down her money goal and do EFT. Then every night, she tracks her income. This is a task she learned from Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast Interviews Tash Corbin, Aligning Heart Centered Entrepreneurs
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