Interview: Dani Turcotte, The Manifesting Queen


Dani’s Bio

Dani Turcotte is a highly sought-after Psychic Medium, Mindset & Manifesting Coach and Spiritual Mentor. As a clear channel for Spirit and an experienced coach, Dani facilitates positive transformation in the lives of her clients across the globe by teaching people how to shift their mindsets and clear their limiting beliefs at a soul level! 
Through the guidance of Spirit, she incorporates tools such as EFT, crystals and channeled mantras/affirmations to create a custom framework grounded in strategy, sound application of Universal Laws and of course, MAGIC! 

Her Business

Dani is a psychic mindset coach who has clients all over the world. She calls herself the “Manifesting Queen.” She can tune into your limiting beliefs and just yank them out of your system. Everything she teaches her clients is something she has seen work for herself. It may not work for everyone, but she knows for sure what works. 

What she’s working on right now

She is working on a 3 part series right now about money, mindset and business. 

Her first money memory

When she would be in the store with her mom, she would see something that she wanted and her mom would always say “We’ll come back and get it.” But they never went back to get it. As a kid, you rarely forget things. So she associated money with being false and helped to develop crappy feelings about money up until now. 

Her worst money memory

Her first husband, who she is now divorced from, was a con artist. He was a very good storyteller and was able to get Dani to open credit cards with him as a user. He would pawn gifts that he bought for Dani and create a story for what happened to those gifts. For this man, she just didn’t listen to her intuition and let him take advantage. 

Her best money memory

Feeling on top of the world after doing the work to have her biggest sales week in her business. 

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She does an appreciation exercise. When she thinks about people that she admires, then thinks about their success and how she wants to mirror their success. She focuses on what comes up and notices what comes up and sees where she wants to make a change. Then she sends gratitude and blessings to those people. 

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The Prosper + Profit Podcast Interview with Dani Turcotte


Transcript for Episode 8 – Interview with Dani Turcotte, The Manifesting Queen

Clarissa: This is episode eight of the Prosper and Profit Podcast.
This is the Prosper and Profit podcast where women talk about money and transformations because being independent with money is sexy and profitable and money transformations are how you prosper with your money daily. Now for your host, Clarissa Wilson.
I’m really happy to be able to bring you Dani Turcotte today. I have been following her for awhile and I love being able to follow her story and how it has changed and in this episode we are really sharing how her life has changed. Especially over the last three years. It has changed big time over her entire life but the last three years where she faced a major health scare and was forced to change her life, and then we also go into how she manifested her house that she’s living in right now. This story is amazing. I am so happy to be able to share this story with you today, so lets bring in Dani.
The Prosper + Profit Podcast Interview with Dani Turcotte, The Manifesting Queen
Hi Dani. Thank you for joining me today to share more about your money story, how it began and what you have done to change over the years. We have heard your professional bio, so I want to break it down a little bit more and can you tell us more about you, your business and what’s one big thing you are working on right now.
Dani: Sure, thank you for having me here. I am really excited to be here with you. I feel like it’s been a while, you know you and I working together in some capacity. I’m excited to be here.
My business, is basically I am a psychic mindset and manifesting coach. What that means is, when I work with clients I basically tune in to their energy fields and I can hear and see where their biggest limiting beliefs are hiding which is really great because then I can yank them out. We talk about mindset, we talk about tapping into your own intuition and so on and so forth. I have clients all over the world which is awesome. I love what I do. I have the coolest job ever.
Clarissa: Yes it does make it so much better when we really enjoy what we are doing.
Dani: For sure, for sure. I am excited to be here and talk about this with you. This topic.
Clarissa: Is there one big specific thing that you are working on in your business right now?
Dani: Yeah I am actually in the process of developing a mini series, like a … I call it, right now tentatively it’s, Mindset Mastery series, something of that nature. I haven’t worked out the details yet but I am working on that and it’s basically three parts. We focus on three separate things and money, love and health are the yeah, the topics right now because those are the big, the big things that are when people reach out to me and you know sometimes we’ll do a reading during a session and most people want to focus on, “Why is it so hard to manifest money, and why cannot I manifest love and health,” and I’ve really seen dramatic results in my own life and I tend to call myself the manifesting queen because I have manifested some pretty amazing things in a short amount of time. The thing that I always tell people is that my way is not the only way, but it is, these are proven because I’ve seen them in my own life and I’ve seen them with my own clients.
That’s kind of what I’m working on right now. That’s the big thing and then there are a few other things that I cannot really talk about too much but yeah there’s some exciting things going on.
Clarissa: Well I love that, that series sounds amazing.
Dani: Thank you.
Clarissa: Now, lets talk a little bit more about your money story. Can you tell us what your first money memory is?
Dani: Yeah, you know you’re not the only person to ask that question. I find it really fascinating. The first time that I started to dive in to the subconscious, this particular question came up and my first money memory is, and this happened quite a bit. My mother and I would be at some store, department store or whatever and I being a small child, would see things that I wanted. That I didn’t need, I wanted. Specifically a stuffed animal or toy, and she would always say to me, always, “we’ll come back and get it, we’ll come back and get it,” and we never did. We never went back and got it. That was her way of saying we cannot afford it and I’m going to hope that you forget all about it. Of course I don’t know if you know anything about kids but kids don’t forget. Especially about toys and whatnot, no. I would always remember that and I would feel, I remember feeling like she was lying, my mum was a liar. I kind of associated money with being false, you know what I mean? Like money not being something I could rely on. Something I couldn’t depend on.
Its really interesting how that’s played out my entire life.
Clarissa: Well part of the reason why I asked this question first with your first money memory because like you already said, as a kid you don’t forget and this first money memory that you can remember has shaped everything in your money story up til now.
Dani: Absolutely. That is so true and … I remembered it and I remember that time, I guess in a conscious level to some degree, I remember that but I never thought as an adult or before I really began the spiritual path and working on my money stuff, I never really thought that … it seemed pretty insignificant. I didn’t think that would shape and mold how I felt about money and how I perceived money until I started to really dive deep into the subconscious and it really has. It absolutely was the catalyst for developing these really crappy feelings about money.
Clarissa: Yes and I mean you’re not the only one. I see it every time I talk to someone. That’s why I always have you pick what is your first money memory because even though there’s a lot more memories in between there, that first memory that you can actually remember, has shaped everything and it’s you, who you are and how you deal with money today.
Dani: Absolutely I agree 100%.
Clarissa: Can you tell us a little bit more about what it was like with money when you were growing up?
Dani: Sure. I am the daughter of teenage parents. They were very young when they had me. There was not a lot of money. Poverty is the word that best describes our situation. I wouldn’t say poor now because I have a very different Idea of what poor is but poverty for sure. Poverty, going beyond the money, right the actual money that was there, poverty in terms of mindset. Impoverished. There is this constant fear and lack mentality about money, constant arguing. My parents were never on the same page about money, ever. I remember, it’s kind of interesting because I grew up in this impoverished household but I remember several arguments about, between my mother and father, where their priorities were really out of whack. We wouldn’t have heat or electricity but my mum would come home with a new haircut. Stuff like that.
Growing up on government assistance, getting food boxes from churches which including some pretty disgusting things. I do have a very vivid memories of that. I remember not wanting to have any part of it but I was raised to eat what was in front of you. My clothes were hand-me-downs and from Salvation Army and whatnot. That’s a typical description of my entire family, not just my immediate family. That was, there was this constant, like I said there was this constant struggle with money. Then my parents got divorced when I was pretty young and then I went from being an only child to having four step siblings overnight. It was the same, it was a little bit better because my mum finances improved too a little bit and then he, my step father had a really good job, but at the same time, even though the money was, there was a more money, the mindset was still there. We don’t have it, we don’t have it and then still, he was, he had a, two four-wheelers and snow mobile and all these toys but when it came to things that I needed like clothes and stuff, it was a big deal.
That told me in my eleven, twelve year old brain, that I didn’t deserve to have even the basic needs met. It’s just crazy because that is so, like my life up until about tow or three years ago, that story played out so … in some really deep levels. Yeah.
Clarissa: What happened two or three years ago that made you change this?
Dani: About three years ago I ended up in the hospital. It was a perfect day. I was at work, my old corporate job and I started having some abdominal pain and I kind of new what it was but I as like, no I didn’t want to go there, “no it’s not that,” because I have a history of pancreatitis. Basically, long story short, I went home that day and I ate a sandwich and I drank a glass of water which are the two worst things you can do when you have acute pancreatitis. You’re not supposed to eat or drink, but again I didn’t think anything was wrong, seriously. Basically, fast forwarding here, I ended up going into the hospital and I remember getting there and I remember looking at my mum and saying, “I’m going to die aren’t I?” She was kind of, “Danielle Marie,” kind of getting after me about it and I blacked out and the next thing I know I woke up 6 weeks later and I had, I literally almost died.
As cliché as that sounds, “Oh I had an awakening, or I had a near death experience,” well it absolutely, that is what happened. I almost died and they let the meds wear off a little bit before they told me how long I’d been in there and what happened. Basically my whole body shut down. My organs were failing, I had to have a trach because my lungs gave out, one thing after another. I remember, so when I woke up I could not communicate because I had the trach in and my muscles were so weak so I couldn’t write. I had absolutely no way to communicate with anybody. I am laying in this hospital bed and I’m having all these thoughts going on in my head, and I’m just like, wanting to communicate with people but not able to and I went through about one day of depression. I let myself wallow for one day and then I’m like, “Okay, you’ve got a choice. You can either continue what you’ve been doing for, at the time, 20, 30 years, and you can keep doing that and keep ending up in the hospital. Keep being miserable or you can change your life, I don’t know how that’s going to happen, how that looks like yet but you can do that,” and I chose the latter.
I remember laying in that hospital bed because I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t go anywhere, all I could do was lay there and think. What I start doing, even before I really understood what the law of attraction was. I started to visualize my life, what it looks like out of the hospital. I was not focusing on the fact that I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t speak, my body was shutting down, I was not focusing on any of that. I was focusing on my life outside and after and seeing myself you know, fully healed, rapidly healed. I made sure I focused on that and thriving. Thriving in every way when I got out of the hospital and I started to heal very rapidly and the doctors were constantly saying things like, “We cannot believe, first of all that you survived and second of ail that you are improving so drastically, we are just dumbfounded,” verbatim they called me their, “Star patient,” and this was the ICU at the hospital. It was pretty wow you know, and I maintained a positive attitude and I did, and I started to read.
Once I did get out of the hospital, so I did all that visualizing, once I got out of hospital, I remember reading Wished Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer the Art of Manifesting. That book changed my life. That was the start of all of, everything. That’s what happened three years ago and … as they say, the rest is history. I haven’t looked back so it was pretty intense.
Clarissa: How much of that visualizing that you did is in your life right now?
Dani: Oh my god, completely. I haven’t had, at the time I was having an episode. Acute pancreatitis about once every year. Since I started getting it and all told id been in the hospital about seven times with pancreatitis. I have not had an episode since that time. Yup. I’ve changed my diet a lot. That was a big thing too. I start- I was really checked out. Ignoring my intuition and that’s how I ended up in the hospital so I stopped doing all that. I started really tapping into my inner wisdom and in eating a lot of healing foods and paying attention to things that were, you know, I knew were not good for me. Yes, the visualizing, I remember visualizing weight loss and being happy and being in a really healthy relationship and those things have absolutely unfolded.
Then just so much else has happ- so many more things have happened, since then and I just cannot, I’m still amazed by how much things have changed for me.
Clarissa: I can completely relate to that, being amazed at what happens because even though you do the work and you see it happen and you keep doing that, it’s still really this still happens for me?
Dani: Yeah exactly. Exactly. This has been sort of recent, something big manifested for me not too long ago. I manifested the house. You know, we had been looking since January and my heart wasn’t really in it and at the time I was going through a lot but I wasn’t really doing it the way I knew worked for me. It was taking a while, and I was like, “What is going on?” I was getting so frustrated and then finally I let go. I let go of the, I had a lot of, what’s the word? I was really hung up on finding it and really stressing out about it and worrying about it and I let go of that. I was like, “Okay I am going to let go of this,” and once I did, it started to become fun again, looking at houses. Boom, this house came on the market and I’m like, “Oh my god it’s so cute,” we set up an appointment that night to look at it and three days later it was ours.
Clarissa: That’s awesome.
Dani: Yeah because what I did was after we left the house I started acting like it was mine. That’s like, I talk about this a lot with my clients, if you act as if. That what I did. I started saying, “Thank you so much universe for this house,” and I was giving the address of it and I was like, “This is my house.” Visualizing being there and then yes, we had put in four offers on other houses. They just weren’t- I don’t understand, and then yeah. It was just amazing to me. It never gets old and it does feel like magic. It really does.
Clarissa: Especially when like you mentioned, you put the offers in on four different houses and it wasn’t coming through it’s like, “What am I doing wrong?” Then you finally get it right and you’re like, “Oh, finally,” kind of thing.
Dani: Exactly. I’m like, “Oh okay, now I remember.”
Clarissa: Yup. I do it all the time too.
Dani: Yeah and it’s like, it really is about your thoughts and your feelings you know. I was going into these houses being really stressed out and already having that idea that our offer wasn’t going to be accepted. Because of that one time, you know that it wasn’t. It was becoming this thought process and I was like, “OK I have to let go.” As soon as I did, boom, it was crazy.
Clarissa: It’s amazing the way that things really shape everything else for us.
Dani: Yeah absolutely.
Clarissa: Can you tell us what your worst money memory is?
Dani: Oh my worst money memory? Okay so, after the hospital and stuff like that, was it after the hospital? No. I’m sorry it was before. Okay so, I’m divorced from my first husband and after that I had this belief that I needed a partner to be financially okay. That was also a belief I had throughout our marriage. I took it with me and part of that and part of being lonely and all that was, my vibrations I was putting out there when I started to date again were not great. Obviously. I met a real life legitimate con artist and I was not his only target. I found out later that he had several other women that he had done this too. Basically we were in a very brief relationship, maybe four months, and it started out with him telling me this story of how he was drunk one night driving and his wife and children died in a car accident. It started out with children then over time it developed into child, so the story changed but somehow I did not process that as being a lie, “I’m not going to bring that up because it’s a touchy subject.” There were a lot of red flags.
The first conversation we had, he asked me what my credit score was and that should have, that should have been a big huge red flag right? Well not so much for me. Anyway, he put me in over 44,000 dollars of debt. He ruined my credit score which was 785 or 86 at the time. He was very verbally and mentally abusive every single day we were together. Just broke me down to nothing. I felt like I had no choice but to do what he wanted and part of that was taking out a bunch of credit cards and making him a user on them. He promptly maxed those out and what he was dong was actually he would buy me “gifts” and then pawn the gifts and pocket the money. Yeah! He always had a really good story about how these things magically disappeared so again I’m not a stupid woman but I made some really bad choices while I was with him. You know I went through this whole thing after I finally left him where I was obviously very deep in depression and I was feeling really guilty and I just couldn’t believe how dumb I had been. The signs were absolutely there, it’s not like he was this master con artist. He wasn’t. I was just really blinded and I was not listening to my intuition. That would have to be the worst money story I have. That was not fun. Not at all.
Clarissa: Well stories like that are exactly why I do what I do, to teach women to have independence with their money.
Dani: Yeah it’s so important. We cannot, we cannot expect to be taken care of and we shouldn’t have to. It’s this thing where men don’t grow up thinking that for the most part. They know they’re going to be successful or have some sort of independence with finances. I’m not sure how that started with women but I grew up with a mother who thought the same thing. I played on her patterns.
Clarissa: It has always been that way for women because it wasn’t until, I think it was between the 1950’s and the 1970’s when women were finally given money to be able to spend. The men had, men carried the money, they balanced the money, they spent the money. The women were never allowed to even make money.
Dani: Yeah exactly.
Clarissa: It’s always been that way and we’re now at the point where our parents were able to have their own money but their parents before them, women didn’t.
Dani: Exactly.
Clarissa: Now it’s something we have to learn on our own because it just wasn’t there.
Dani: Right, absolutely and that played out so much in my stuff.
Clarissa: What’s your best money memory?
Dani: My best money memory? I have to say so far, it would be gosh, not too long ago I had my biggest sales week to date in my business. I remember feeling like I was on top of the world. It wasn’t just because of the money it was like, “I cannot believe, it’s so amazing,” because I did this, I did the work in terms of putting it out there and manifesting and being strategic about how to get from point A to point B and I remember feeling like, “I really am the manifesting queen.” It was incredible. I did this in the matter of a week. It was huge it was like, “whoa, if I can do this I can literally do anything.” Yeah. That was incredible.
Clarissa: You talk a lot about mindset and manifesting, is there one specific thing that you do on a daily basis to build your wealth consciousness?
Dani: Absolutely. I do several things but if I were boiling it down to one thing, I do what is called, what I call an appreciation exercise. What I mean by that is, when I think, I tend to think about the success of others to get me into this mode right. This is important because it tends to trigger things, if it triggers something then I know it’s something I have to work on. What I mean by that is, when I’m thinking about people that I admire whether it’s in the coaching industry or celebrities, whatever. I think about their success and I think about how I want to mirror that success. Instead of really letting the feelings of jealousy or feeling like, “Oh my god, why cannot I get there?” I acknowledge them if they come up so it shows me where I have to work on things. I also send blessings to those people and I send gratitude to them and say, “Thank you for showing me what’s possible in my life.” It’s woo-woo whatever I am a psychic. That is a big thing and it might sound silly to some people but it works because where your energy flows, your attention goes, energy goes.
If you’re focusing on the good in somebody else’s story, you’re basically saying, “Yes please universe, I would like some of that.” It’s fun too. It’s fun to let yourself take the limits down and be like, “This is possible for me, because these people are no more special than me. I can get there just as well.” That’s definitely something I do, I try to do every single day, sometimes I don’t but for the most part its a daily practice.
Clarissa: Is there anything that I should have asked you that I haven’t?
Dani: I don’t think so, I think you did a really good job of asking me a lot of questions. Thanks for putting me on the spot by the way. I wasn’t expecting that.
Clarissa: You’re welcome.
Dani: You’re sneaky huh!
Clarissa: I listen.
Dani: Yeah I mean I don’t think there’s anything else. Yeah. Nope.
Clarissa: One of my best qualities is I listen and I read somethings between the lines that you don’t even say.
Dani: Yeah I’m sure you do.
Clarissa: Kind of goes into that psychic abilities I do have them, but I don’t say that I have them any more. Because I don’t use that specific thing-
Dani: The one thing I’d like to add is, part of shifting your money story is believing, the first step is believing that it doesn’t have to be that way any more. It’s okay, lets get serious for a minute.
Clarissa: I want to come to that, not just believing, you have to accept that you can change it.
Dani: Absolutely, exactly. You really do. You have to believe that it’s something that you want to change right? Because if you don’t, you’re really attached to being a victim and you’re really attached to struggling then by all means. Continue, but if you want to change as most people do, then you have to believe that it’s possible and you have to believe that you can do it and you have to accept that you are just as good right? You’re just as capable, even … the gurus will say things like, “My way is not the only way,” and it’s true. There’s not one formula. I’m sorry but there’s not. There’s not one formula to success.
Clarissa: Exactly and that’s something I say every time I teach a group course in the very first class.
Dani: Yeah, yeah because it’s a dangerous thought to put out there, “my way is the only way, or this way is the only way,” because people are unique. There’s billions of us on the planet. I have always been a rule breaker especially in my business I do not do things that they say that we need to do. I really love that about myself. I love that I’ve still been able to experience success on my terms and really do things differently to show other people, “Hey, you know all this stuff that you see, you need to do this, you need to do that? That’s not true. I’m here to show you a different way.”
Clarissa: It took me a long time to really get that.
Dani: Yeah because it’s, there’s a lot of the same stuff floating around right and it’s really easy to feel like, “okay so that’s what I need to succeed or okay that’s what I need to succeed.” It’s just throw everything at it. Be frikking hard core at it and throw everything at it and something is going to work for you. If you want it bad enough something will work.
Clarissa: Now I want to finish our interview with a couple of fun questions. The first one, if you were given 100 million dollars right now, what would you do with it and why?
Dani: 100 million dollars, no question I would travel the world. I have a lot of making up to do. I have that kind of soul. I need to explore and see things, so absolutely that is what I would do with it. I would also donate some too, I’d like to add that.
Clarissa: Okay.
Dani: Yeah, but for the most part it’s going to travelling.
Clarissa: If you woke up tomorrow morning and everything that you have right now, all of your belongings and all of your money was gone, what would you do?
Dani: Well I’ve been in this place before so … I mentioned the con artist, he took all my stuff and sold it so I’ve been in this situation before and the only thing you can do is keep going and start over. That’s what you do. There’s no, you don’t have time to wallow. You don’t have time to give up. There’s, you just keep going and I’ve been there so … it’s something I’m actually comfortable with, I’m okay, I’ve been there. I know how to get through it.
Clarissa: Yes. I’ve been there too but not for the same reason. Mine was a house fire.
Dani: Oh my gosh that’s horrible.
Clarissa: Yes. If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be and why?
Dani: Oh wow. One character to life from my favorite book. Gosh. You’re making me really think today. I have so many favorites. This is not fair at all. I’d have to say … you really enjoy putting people on the spot don’t you?
Clarissa: You know, I gave you eight of these questions and said I was only asking three.
Dani: True. Okay … have you ever heard of a book called She’s come Undone by Wally Lamb?
Clarissa: No I haven’t heard of that one.
Dani: Okay this book has been one of my favorite books since, oh my god, since the first time I read it in high school. I really identified with the main character. This book was … the main character’s a girl but the book was written by a man, Wally Lamb. The main character’s name is Dolores Price and she’s just this sarcastic, smart ass teenager and I identify so much with that but deeper then that she comes from this sort of not wealthy family but not super poor, it’s like middle class. She comes from a broken home and she comes from this history of sexual abuse and so on and so forth. I remember when I was reading this book I felt like it was my diary in a lot of ways. It was just so oh my god I want to meet this girl, I feel I could be her best friend or her sister and yeah it was, I’ve read the book, gosh, seven or eight times. It never gets old for me and she’s such a fighter and she’s really strong willed but she also gives in a little bit of that victim mindset. I’ve certainly been there myself.
If I were going to bring anybody to life it would be her. She’s kind of been my hero since the first time I met her in this book and … yeah it’s great. You should read it.
Clarissa:  even though my list of books is at 300 right now.
Dani: I hear you.
Clarissa: I would like to thank you for joining me here today Dani.
Dani: Thank you so much for having me
Clarissa: It’s been really great to learn more about you, your money story and you already know that no two money stories are exactly the same so that everyone that I get to interview and share can really help someone new.
Dani: Yeah absolutely. Thank you so much for having me.
Clarissa: You’re welcome. Thank you.
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