Your Inner Critic and Your Money



Everyone Has an Inner Critic

Every single one of us has an inner critic, some might call it the ego. But it’s that little voice that is always in the back of your head saying that something is wrong or it’s not safe. This is the voice in your head, not your gut instinct. I classify your gut instinct as your soul talking and the inner critic as your ego talking. 
The more you get in touch with yourself and your soul and listen to your gut instinct, the more you can control the messages that you receive from your inner critic. 

She Likes to Be Vocal

But there are certain things that our inner critic is much more vocal about and even when you know who, your inner critic or your soul, the messages are coming from, you aren’t as able to be shut off the receiving of the messages. 
I consider myself very in control of both my soul messages and my inner critic messages, but when it comes to certain things, money and food to be specific, I have much less control over who actually speaks up. For me, it is money and food because I turn to food for comfort and this is something I’m working on daily, and money because up until a few years ago, money was a sore subject for me since I had a poor relationship with my money. 
But now that I know who is talking, whether it be my soul or my inner critic, I can take the time to see which messages I am going to listen to. I still make errors in listening to the wrong one, and a lot of people do. But it’s knowing who your inner critic is that can really help you. 
I already mentioned that your inner critic is the voice in your head and your soul is your gut instinct. You can also think of them as the devil and angel that sit on the shoulders of the people in the movies. At first, they are hard to distinguish because you have to find out how each one communicates with you. Your soul is usually quieter and has shorter, direct answers. Your inner critic is louder and loves to be able to shout at you. 
Our inner critic loves to pipe up when it comes to money because she likes to be able to steer you in the wrong direction. So when you are second guessing whether you should spend that extra money this month, your inner critic is telling you to do it. When you are second guessing whether you should make an extra debt payment this month, you inner critic is telling you not to make the debt payment, but to go buy something. When you see something in the store that you want in the moment, your inner critic is telling you to buy it because it will make you happy this moment. 

She Really is a Critic

You see, our inner critic, is really a critic. She wants to steer us wrong and give us the answers that we think we want to hear. But in reality, it’s the opposite of what our gut is telling us to do. But since she is so much louder than our gut, it’s harder to listen to that gut instinct. 
 Episode 9 - Your Inner Critic & Your Money
Clarissa Wilson

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