Interview: Melissa Opie, Build Your Life with the Life Architect

[saf] Melissa’s Bio Melissa Opie is a certified health and life coach who guides female business owners to success in all areas of life. Preferring the term Life Architect, she helps her clients unearth clarity and self-confidence so that they can build the future each one of them desires. Melissa has learned, through a lifetime of dance, the importance of finding balance and working gracefully. And, by encouraging soulful introspection, her clients are able to tap into their intuition and […]

What is a Scarcity Mindset?

[saf] What is a scarcity mindset? There are 2 main classes of money mindset – scarcity and abundance. These classes make up your core beliefs around money and everything else in your life. There is Never Enough This the main belief of the scarcity mindset. It doesn’t matter if there really is enough or not. […]