Welcome Back! Let’s Talk About Money!

Welcome Back to The Prosper + Profit Podcast! After a break of more than a year, we are officially back and publishing episodes again.

I was burnt out, and beating myself up for not always publishing two episodes a week. But I'm not over all of that, feeling much better and so much more inspired than I was ever before. 

And with this new inspiration, also comes a change to our interview episodes. All interviews still include going in depth into each guest's money story, but each guest also gets to teach a lesson on money that applies to their business that they have learned over the years. You can apply to be a guest by going to prosperprofitpodcast.com/guest if you are willing to share your money story and lessons. 

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Our schedule is that you will get a mini lesson around money on Tuesdays and an interview episode on Thursdays. And on the first Monday of each month, you will also receive a guided meditation. But this time, I'm not beating myself up if a mini lesson doesn't get recorded for each week. I'll still publish the interviews every week and just go back to publishing the mini lessons as they come to me and I get the extra time to publish them. 

If you have a specific topic that you would like me to cover in the mini lessons, you can always submit those at prosperprofitpodcast.com/question I love being able to answer your specific questions on the podcast as well as my own inventory of mini lessons that I can share with you. 

So welcome back to The Prosper + Profit Podcast and I hope you will continue to follow us and enjoy everything we are teaching you about money and making the conversations around money happen regularly. 

Clarissa Wilson

About the Author

Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a financial strategist and online educator who holds two master’s degrees in Forensic Accounting. Also creative and spiritual, she is an intuitive empath and introvert. Clarissa is the host of The Prosper + Profit Podcast, where money conversations occur on a daily basis -- as she believes that money shouldn’t be a taboo subject. After growing up on a dairy farm and learning to work hard for money, Clarissa awakened to a path that allowed wealth to flow easily to her. Clarissa currently lives in Pennsylvania with her two cats.

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