Michelle Jackson: So What if Your Money Story isn’t Sexy?

Michelle's Bio

Michelle Jackson began blogging about personal finance after falling in love with the stories that other personal finance bloggers shared. She felt that there might be some value in sharing her story. What she accidentally discovered was that she ended up finding community. You can follow her story at Michelle is Money Hungry.

"51% of women of color are likely to end up helping someone in a financial capacity younger than you would expect."

Michelle is looking to empower people to feeling comfortable with making money and it doesn't matter what your financial story looks like. She has a very messy financial story, but it has gotten her to where she is right now, no matter what the story looks like. 

Her first money memory

When her parents divorced, money was really tight. She had a piggy bank where she was saving her own money. There might not have been a lot of money in the piggy bank. Her mom had to take the money from her piggy bank so that she could take the bus to a job interview. So this brought up the belief "Why bother saving money?"

It's never just you against the world!

Her worst money memory

She was in graduate school and her mom lost her job. Her mom then moved in with her because her mom couldn't land a new job at the time. Michelle was going to school and working part time at Starbucks. She supported herself and her mom on barista income. And on top of all this, Michelle and her mom were fighting all the time because they were just scared and didn't know what was going to happen.

sexy money story

Her best money memory

Her best money memories are actually around her experiences of monetizing all of the projects that she has been working on. She is working on creating passive income from these projects. 

Michelle's Top Tips About Not Having a Sexy Money Story

  1. Be nice to yourself. You make decisions based on the knowledge that you have right now. 

  2. You have deep rooted stuff that is going to hold you back and make you uncomfortable. But when you face this and really dig into why this makes you uncomfortable, you can make changes.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

She has a money journal that she looks at every day. In this journal she keeps track of all of her accounts - bank and debt accounts - and she pays attention to what is really going on in her financial life. 

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