Nancy McKenna: Mistakes Smart Parents Make that Cause a lot of Student Loan Debt

Nancy's Bio

Nancy McKenna helps families get through college without a student debt hangover. She particularly focuses on middle-income families who may feel they cannot get any financial help.
Nancy wants to help end the student debt problem. It really is possible to get a quality college degree without going into huge amounts of debt. 

Her first money memory

Growing up her parents were really frugal. They measured everything. 

Her worst money memory

Every time that she had debt. 
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Her best money memory

Being able to amass over $100k in her 401K. 

5 Mistakes Smart Parents Make that Cause a Lot of Student Loan Debt

  1. Not having saved much money

  2. People who choose out of state colleges

  3. Letting your child fall in love with a school that you cannot afford. 

  4. Match the degree with the school

  5. Start at a community college and live at home.

One thing she does daily to build wealth consciousness

Automate her payments to 401K and 529 plan. 

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